“SU CNA has helped give me the confidence to know that I can do this! I have loved the instruction, my favorite thing was the clinical work. It has been eye opening to see how much CNAs do and I am proud to say I am now one of them."
-Lisa Hiatt, Graduate

“The administration and staff are so great to work with! Della is an incredible teacher and you will finish with confidence to go out and do what you were taught. I had a great experience and I highly recommend this program!"
-Brandi Frederick, Student

“The CNA instructor and CPR instructor were both amazing. What I had learned from them has literally saved my 5 day old baby's life today. While I was feeding her she started making weird noises and stopped drinking. I immediately knew something was wrong because of what I had learned to look out for when a resident is choking. I jumped into action and turned my baby on her side and she immediately threw up everything and coughed and blew the rest out. What I have learned from this course was invaluable and has already helped me save a life. I could not recommended a better course to take."
-Aaron Phillips, Graduate

“Thanks to SU CNA's job placement program I was able to get a job as soon as I signed up for the class, so I got to learn in school and on the job at the same time. The course was done in a professional manner and Della added humor. I had tons of fun and looked forward to each class."
-Betsy Martinez, Graduate

“I love this school! Della was an amazing instructor and I learned so much. It was the best first step into a new career! THANK YOU Southern Utah CNA!"
-Derek Miller, Graduate